THURSDAY 13.10.2022


12.45-13.45 City excursion (starting point Hotel SOHO lobby)


I National vs International (Ülikooli 16, room 212)

Chair Luule Epner:

Steve Wilmer?

Ulla Kallenbach Transgressing Borders: Practices of Mobility and Cultural Exchange at The Royal Danish Theatre

Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča Opera Film “Baņuta” – Example of Transgression and Performativity

Madli Pesti The Reception of Transgressive Performances. The Case of NO99


II Political Activism and Protests (Ülikooli 16, room 214)

Chair Jaak Tomberg


Riina Oruaas Intolerable Images: Women’s Protest Against Sexual Violence in Ukraine War

Sigríður Lára Sigurjónsdóttir Where Are We And What Does It Mean?

Ana Falcon How a Performance Led to a Latnix Community Organisation in Estonia


15.30-16.00 Coffee break


16.00-17.30 OPENING. I KEYNOTE: Ene-Liis Semper Untitled (Ülikooli 16, room 212)


19.00 – performance of Stereo in the Tartu New Theatre (Lai 37)



FRIDAY 14.10.2022




III Political Negotiations (Ülikooli 16, room 212)

Chair Eva-Liisa Linder


Pirkko Koski When the Real Contextual World Pushes Itself into the Centre of Fiction

Hanna Korsberg Performing Dirty Hands at the Finnish National Theatre in 1948

Luule Epner Transgressive Collaborations: The Case of Von Krahl Theatre



10.30-11.00 Coffee break


11.00-13.00 II KEYNOTE: Ida Müller and Vegard Vinge  Untitled 2 (Ülikooli 18, room 139)

Chair Prof Jon Refsdal


13.00-14.00 LUNCH BREAK



IV Agency and Strategies of Transgression (Ülikooli 16, room 214)

Chair Ulla Kallenbach


Zane Kreicberga Performance that Disappeared: Two Case Studies of Alternative Aesthetics in the Recent Latvian Theatre History

Tiit Ojasoo Who Can Cross the Border?

Anneli Saro Transgression of Gaze in Performing Arts


V Liminality of Performance (Ülikooli 16, room 212)

Chair Katri Tanskanen


Janne Risum A Transgression Nobody (But Later Anybody?) Wanted: Walter Benjamin’s “Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit”

Kitija Balcare Theatre Beyond the Human. Interspecies Relations in Ecotheatre in Latvia

Anne-Liis Maripuu Immortality and Theatre Dance in the 1920s. Dance Performance of Elmerice Parts and Herman Kolt-Oginsky


15.30-16.00 Coffee break



VI Theatre and Pedagogy (Ülikooli 16, room 214)

Chair Zane Kreicberga


Sanni Lindroos “What Theatre Can and Cannot Be”: The Theatre of God’s Transgressive Oulu Act as a Social Drama

Jüri Nael Transformative Learning Through Transgressive Performer Training Pedagogy in the Context of Higher Education

Victor Polyakoff The Theory of Verbal Action/Influence as One of the Tools of Transgression of Boundaries Between Theatre/Performance and Everyday Life


VII Dramaturgy and Adaptations (Ülikooli 16, room 212)

Chair Riina Oruaas


Liina Lukas Transgression in the Work of Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz

Katri Tanskanen Hamlet on a Hook. Adaption as a Transgressive Force in Cultural Reproduction

18.00-22.00 Reception in Pepe’s (Ülikooli 7)


SATURDAY 15.10.2022



VIII Taboos and Violence (Ülikooli 16, room 212)

Chair Sigríður Lára Sigurjónsdóttir


Monika Jašinskaitė The Notion of Suicide in Lithuanian Theatre

Hedi-Liis Toome How theatre mirrors reality: some critical aspects of the representation of women in mainstream performances


IX Transgressive Forms of Performance (Ülikooli 16, room 214)

Chair Kristel Pappel


Ildikó Sirato Performing Speaking and Singing Bodies. The Physical Theatre as a Concept, a Phenomenon and Practice of Contemporary (?) Transgression of Genre Borders

Jaak Tomberg Desubjectivation as Transformation. On Bodily Present in Karl Saks’ “Planet Alexithymia”

Karin Allik The Transformative Power of Transgression in Juhan Ulfsak’s Work as a Director


11.30-12.00 Coffee break


X Invisible Minorities (Ülikooli 16, room 212)

Chair Pirkko Koski


Eva-Liisa Linder Outsiders or Innovators? The Untold Story of Queer Theatre in Estonia

Stephen Elliot Wilmer Transgressive Performances: Refugees Demanding the Right to Have Rights

Daria Skjoldager-Nielsen Polishing Reykjavik: Immigrant Language on the City Theatre Stage


XI Transgressions in Opera and Sound Art (Ülikooli 16, room 214)

Chair Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča


Justina Paltanavičiūtė The Performativity of Socially Vulnerable Groups in the Opera Genre: A Case Study of the Opera “Have a Good Day!”

Kristel Pappel Law and Order in Estonian Musical Theatre

Karl Saks Sound Art and Performativity in Johhan Rosenberg “traps”


13.30-14.45 LUNCH BREAK


14.45-15.30 Concluding Discussion of the Conference

15.45-17.00 Roundtable Discussion on Membership Issues of the ANTS

19.00 opera Don Giovanni in Vanemuine (Vanemuise 6)