Zotero is a free reference management tool, helping to present references in a research work. Zotero allows to gather and manage diverse types of data, to add citations to a text and to organise bibliography in the way needed for a particular paper.

To download Zotero, go to the Zotero web page www.zotero.org , click Download and download Zotero 5.0. Zotero automatically recognises your operation system and browser. After the successful installation, the icon Z appears on your desktop, and you can open Zotero in a separate window.

Together with Zotero, also download the web browser Zotero Connector from the right side of the same page. This is an extension of Zotero which allows you to import your references from the web into Zotero.  After the installation, a small icon appears on the address bar; by clicking on the icon, you can add references from web pages and databases into your Zotero.

Register at https://www.zotero.org/user/register/ ; this way you can use Zotero and see your entries on different computers. If you have added entries to Zotero by using different computers, they will automatically be indexed and added into your personal database. 

To log on, choose Edit  > Preferences > Sync on the Zotero toolbar and enter your Zotero username and password.