On Friday 30th October, we welcome you to attend the webinar “How to break the vicious circle of segregation”.

The webinar aims to contribute to the emerging paradigm shift in the research on the spatial dimension of social inequality and inclusion. This paradigm shift understands segregation as a multi-domain (neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces) process that often evolves across generations. We have introduced the concept of vicious circle of segregation for unpacking this paradigm shift. The webinar is structured around the special issue “How to break the vicious circle of segregation? Understanding the connectedness of spatial inequality across generations and life domains” to be published in “Social Inclusion” in 2021. Further information on the special issue can be found here:




Recording of the webinar:


Organisers: Tiit Tammaru, David Knapp, Siiri Silm, Frank Witlox, Maarten van Ham and Madli-Johanna Maidla



Background material

Explaining the vicious circle of segregation: https://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=30555

Overview of research: https://segregationcircles.eu/

Segregation in Europe: http://segregationeurope.tudelft.nl/