(Photo by Krister Rajandu, www.tartu.ee)

Although “Transmedial Turn?” takes place as an e-conference we will share with you some videos about Tartu.

Tartu is the second biggest city in Estonia, our cultural and educational centerthat has always drawn together good thoughts and smart people, proudly holding the title for the city of university. Tartu is also a river town, known as the Athens of Emajõgi River.

To give you also a glimpse to a wintery Tartu, walk around Tartu with the author of the video:

Here are 7 things to do in Tartu – when you have a chance to visit us next time 🙂


Since 2015, Tartu has been part of the UNESCO City of Literature network. Since then Tartu appoins yearly City Writer, offers guided tours “City of Literature” in different topics and in different locations. Each spring there is also an international literary festival Prima Vista.

Here is a map of literary places in Tartu.

Here is a database about Tartu in Fiction and accompaning app TartuFic. The database contains texts by mostly Estonian writers which describe Tartu, its people, places, historical landmarks and everyday life as well as the spirit of Tartu and its characteristic phenomena such as students, cafes, jackdaws or slum architecture.

(Foto: Mana Kaasik, www.tartu.ee)




Tartu has often featured in Estonian music. Here are some examples of songs about Tartu.

Firstly, classic song “Tartu march” (or “The Most Beautiful Town in Estonia is Tartu”), a song written by famous Estonian songwriter Raimond Valgre in 1943. Performed by Estonian National Male Choir.

Paha Polly, alternative rock band from Tartu, had a song “I Am Tartu” (Ma olen Tartu, 2010) depicting the relations between Tartu and Tallinn.

Pööriöö’s “Tartu song” (Tartu lugu, 2016)

Jäääär, well-known Estonian music group has a song “Tartu – Small Wooden Town” (Tartu – väike puust linn, 1998). 

Liisa Tulvik, well-known Tartu street musician has a song “Tartu”