Conference Northern Self-Fashionings. Narrating the Self in the Nordic Region

November 20-21, 2009, Center for Narratological Studies, Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark

The conference focus was set on the idea of Nordic identity (identity of the Nordic region) as it is expressed in art, literature, media and culture in general. What sources form the idea of a Nordic identity - if such exists? What are the specific differences in the region, and how do we define ourselves compared to the surrounding culture? What stories do we tell about ourselves, about others, and how do we tell them? In order to understand the Grand Narrative of Nordic identity and community - its versions and techniques - the aim of the conference was to combine theoretically informed readings of autonomous works with analysis of the narratives that form the basis for a regional identity on a larger scale. The conference had 21 speakers and counted approx. 40 delegates from 8 countries (from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Poland, England and Denmark). Sociologist Richard Jenkins, Sheffield, was invited key-note speaker.

A special session was arranged for the PhD students, who were given the opportunity to present their ongoing studies and discuss them in plenum.

Please see conference program and list of abstracts for further details:

Conference program & abstracts