Evelyn Uuemaa
Associate Professor in Geoinformatics

Evelyn Evelyn is a geographer by heart and Assoc. Professor in Geoinformatics. Currently she is also the head of the Department of Geography. She holds a PhD in landscape ecology and environmental protection, and is developing our Landscape Geoinformatics working group as a necessity to improve and strengthen environmental geoinformatics capabilities here at the department and for Estonia in general through leading national and international research projects. Her research interests evolve around the interactions of land use/land cover and water quality, landscape changes and geospatial modelling with machine learning. She is also interested in geospatial visualisation.

Landscape Geoinformatics Lab
(+372) 737 5827
Department of Geography
University of Tartu
Vanemuise 46
51014 Tartu, Estonia

Alexander Kmoch
Researcher in Geoinformatics

AlexAlex is a Distributed Spatial Systems Researcher with many years of experience in geospatial data management and web- and cloud-based geoprocessing with a particular focus on land use, soils, hydrology, hydrogeology and water quality data. His interests include OGC standards and web-services for environmental and geo-scientific data sharing, modelling workflows and interactive geo-scientific visualisation. Recently, Alex completed a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow (MSCA) with our Landscape Geoinformatics working group on improving standardised data preparation, parameterization and parallelisation for hydrological and water quality modelling across scales (H2020 GLOMODAT) and has now joined as full-time researcher.

Desalew Meseret Moges
Researcher in Environmental Modelling

DesDesalew first joined our team as a visiting doctoral student in 2018. After receiving his Ph.D. in Geoinformatics from Mangalore University, India, he returned to the team in 2021 as a postdoctoral researcher under a Mobilitas+ grant. His main research interest includes watershed modeling, land-use change and suitability analysis, climate change, and soil erosion modeling. His current research aims at investigating the effect of climate and land-use changes on flow regime and soil moisture.

Oleksandr Matsibora

OleksandrOleksandr is a GIS specialist, full stack JavaScript developer, and an open data and open source software enthusiast. He has a PhD in Geography and his research interests include web-based GIS, paleogeography, and soils science. Oleksandr is focussing on web technologies and is working on the DGGS implementation in our team. His main expertise is development of client-server web-GIS applications (Node.js, Vue.js), UI/UX design, and geovisualization.


Holger Virro
PhD Student

HolgerHolger is a PhD student in Geoinformatics in the Department of Geography. He is currently working on global water quality modelling by using a combination of open-source geospatial processing tools (GRASS, GDAL) and machine learning algorithms. He is using the Linux cluster environment and parallelization methods in order to apply these tools to big data. Holger spent 2019/20 academic year as visiting PhD student in Geocomputation workgroup in Yale, US.

Bruno Montibeller
PhD Student

BrunoBruno is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the University of Tartu. His research interests are land use and land cover spatial analysis with a focus on forestry and agriculture. Currently, he is investigating the direct and indirect human-induced forest degradation across biomes. Particularly, reduction of canopy cover and the loss of carbon stocks. During his free time, Bruno is a movie and music fan, and enjoy traveling.


Marta Jemeljanova
PhD Student


Marta is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography. Currently, her topic of study is spatial modeling of water quality using machine learning. Her research interests additionally include hydrogeology and groundwater level modeling as well as relationships between groundwater level and various environmental descriptors.






Hanna-Ingrid Nurm
MSc student and Research and Teaching Asisstant

Hanna-IngridHanna-Ingrid is a Master's student in geoinformatics and currently supports the team across tasks and projects with geospatial data processing. She is also assisting lecturers in several courses.



Previous members:

Iuliia Burdun
Researcher in Geoinformatics

Iuliia specialises in the environmental applications of remote sensing. She holds a doctorate in Physical Geography. Her main expertise is the remote sensing of hydrometeorological regime of peatlands in the context of climate change, as the groundwater level depth and temperature are the main factors controlling greenhouse emissions from peatlands. Iuliia applies remote sensing techniques to improve monitoring and modelling the greenhouse gas emissions from space across scales.

Oleksandr Karasov
Researcher in Geoinformatics

Oleksandr’s main research interests include a spatially explicit assessment of landscape experience, cultural ecosystem services, and non-material nature’s contributions to people bridging remote sensing-based and social media data. He is involved in the project on the assessment of socioeconomic status of the urban areas using these complementary perspectives of Earth observations from space and ground. Oleksandr holds a PhD degree in Environmental Protection.



Fatemeh Bahreini
Visiting researcher

Fatemeh Bahreini, PhDFatemeh was Visiting Researcher at our team from September 2019 to February 2020. Her research collaboration with Landscape Geoinformatics Group focused on quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics of C and N sinks and sources in Estonia using process-based modelling and trying to combine with remote sensing data.



Selim Bayraktar
Visiting PhD student (September 2018 - February 2019)