Supervised topics: grammatical and lexical variation

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Lexico-grammatical constructions in (Estonian learner) English.

Main research questions:

  • Why use alternative ways of saying the same thing?
  • What are the different meanings? 

Grammatical synonymy:

  • the system’s failure vs the failure of the system (= the genitive alternation)
  • The girl gave milk to the cat. vs The girl gave the cat milk. (= the dative alternation)
  • I hit the stick against the fence. vs I hit the fence with the stick. 
  • He loaded muck on the truck. vs He loaded the truck with muck. (= the locative alternation)
  • She sprayed paint on the wall. vs She sprayed the wall with paint. (= the locative alternation)
  • The marchers converged on Times Square. vs The marchers converged at Times Square.
  • Drinking and singing is fun. vs Drinking and singing are fun.

Grammatical polysemy:

  • The use of get in (Estonian) learner English

Lexical synonymy & polysemy:

  • safe/secure, quick/fast, near/close, fake/false, sick/ill, expensive/dear, wealthy/rich, correct/right etc.
  • 'cheers' in World Englishes