New Vision University, Georgia

New Vision University (NVU) is a private non- profit university founded 2013 in Tbilisi (Georgia) having the ambition to be the fastest developing and the most international University in the region. Out of 500 students enrolled for 2015-2016 academic year, 75% are international students, representing more than 20 countries worldwide.

The NVU mission is the expansion of human vision through promotion of education, research and innovation. It aims also to promote exchange of students, academic staff and other specialists and enhance international cooperation in education.

NVU offers educational programs on all three levels of higher education – Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D. in the fields of Law, Medicine, Business Administration and Information Technologies as well as Politics and Diplomacy. All educational programs are accredited by the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement Accreditation Board.

NVU Law School is a full member of European Law Faculties Association (ELFA). NVU student teams participate in such international projects as Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition.

NVU is the only university in Georgia that executes its MD program it its own hospital. This is a standard established by TUNING/MEDINE that will become a mandatory requirement for all European universities offering MD degree.

Within the DESCnet consortium, NVU's main activity is co-operating with Ilia State University in organization of the second annual AESC convention and the final network meeting in Tbilisi. 

New Vision University key staff members:

Prof. Gaga Gabrichidze - Dean of the Law School, academic coordinator of the project and member of teaching staff

Dr. Lita Surmava - an associate professor at Law School of New Vision University and a Head of the Bilateral Division at the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, member of teaching staff

Dr. David Kereselidze - a Professor of Private Law at the Tbilisi State University and Chief-editor of Georgian Law Review, member of teaching staff