The catalogue of e-journals and e-books

The catalogue of e-journals and e-books gives access to electronic journals open to the University of Tartu Library. It combines the following: e-journals subscribed for via different full text databases, e-journals accompanying the subscriptions of printed journals, separately subscribed for e-journals and more than 600 free-access pre-reviewed scholarly journals. It also includes information about e-books accessible by the e-book database Ebook Central and other e-book databases. 

The portal allows to see whether the full text of some specific journal or e-book is accessible. You have access to full texts of articles and books if you follow the instructions for remote access.

The words entered into the Search field are searched for in the journal and book titles, subjects and content descriptions. It is also possible to search for journals by the ISSN number and for books by the ISBN number. 


Searching for the journal title Public Opinion Quarterly we will get a list of databases where we can read the full text of the journal.
We will arrive at the full text by clicking on the name of the database. Quite often there may be several opportunities for reading one and the same journal (in full text databases, in the publisher’s home page) and different databases may offer access to different volumes of one and the same journal. In Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete and Communication and Mass Media Complete databases some journals have an embargo period - this means that the publisher doesn't allow the databases to provide access to full texts of newer articles until some time has passed from their publishing, usually one year. JSTOR is an archive database which means that it doesn't usually allow access to recent volumes.

By clicking on the name of the journal we will get important information about the journal.

Public Opinion Quarterly


In the Browse By Discipline section we can see all accessible journals in the specified field of science.