The focus of BIOGEOMON is on the biogeochemistry of forest and natural ecosystems as influenced by anthropogenic and environmental factors. We invite empirical and modeling studies on fluxes and processes related to the turnover of major and trace elements at the ecosystem, watershed, landscape, and global scale.

Center of Tartu aerial view University of Tartu Männikjärve raised bog     



Themes/Sessions (preliminary):

  1. Nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes at catchment level
  2. Biogeochemistry of lakes and rivers
  3. Biogeochemistry of wetlands
  4. Remote sensing for modelling of biogeochemical fluxes
  5. Fluxes between atmosphere & ecosystems
  6. Aerosols and VOCs in ecosystem functioning
  7. Methane and nitrous oxide fluxes from trees
  8. Biodiversity issues of ecosystem behavior
  9. Trace elements biogeochemistry
  10. Rhizosphere processes in ecosystem functioning
  11. Microbial and fungal processes in ecosystem biogeochemistry
  12. Ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation
  13. Peatland processes


Key Dates (preliminary)

November 2019

Second Announcement, Start of Registration

April 4th 2020

Final Abstract Submission Deadline, Regular Early Registration Closed

May 30th May

Acceptance Notification and Publication of Program

July 4th 2020

Late Registration Deadline

July 26th – 30th 2020

Conference Dates