#30DayMapChallenge hackathon Tartu

Topics and teams



More information: https://github.com/tjukanovt/30DayMapChallenge

Some inspiration from previous year’s submissions from Department of Geography:

Maps by Anto Aasa, Tõnu Oja, Janika Raun, Alexander Kmoch, Evelyn Uuemaa, and UT Mobility Lab

Maps by Alexander Kmoch

Maps by Evelyn Uuemaa

Building a team 

The teams will work the best if they have team members with complementary skills.  

Please have a look at the role descriptions (below). Ideally, you can identify the role that best suits you. Ideally each team needs to have at least one of each, but it is not a strict rule. 
Please identify and select which role is most suitable for you. 

If you really can’t find a role for you, don’t worry, we’ll find a suitable team for you based on the areas you feel most comfortable with. 

This hackathon is everything about beautiful maps! Maps convey a message and preferably in an aesthetically pleasing way.  You can make beautiful things and you make things beautiful. You like map design and/or you have good experience in cartography. 

Before putting stuff on the map, there is heaps of work with data preprocessing, generalizing etc .If you are keen on working with the data, ideally having some scripting skills (R, Python) and/or you are good in spatial analysis then this is the role for you. 

We all have problems, and you want and know to solve them. You come to the hackathon with an idea. Your passion and creativity to come up with and explore solutions motivates others to get behind the problem as well. You are a doer; you get things done. You enable and support everyone else and do the things which are outside of others’ fields. You resolve roadblocks so the team can keep working away.    team work