Web of Science Core Collection is one of the world's leadig citation indexes for scientific and scholarly research. It indexes over 12 000 scientific journals published worldwide (including Open Access journals), starting from the year 1980. You can access the Web of Science Core Collection from the Web of Science platform. 


Web of Science Core Collection contains citation databases 

conference proceedings databases  

   and book data databases. 

In addition it contains the Emerging Sources Citation Index for journals not yet (or not anymore) indexed in other WoS databases (read more) and two chemical indexes

The citation databases contain the most influential and esteemed journals of the field. The quality demands for a journal to be selected are very high. Every year about 2000 journals are evaluated, only 10-20% of which will be selected to be featured on the databases. The following complex factors are taken into account: 

  • journal issues have to be published regularly and on time
  • articles must be equipped with English titles, abstracts and keywords
  • international circle of authors
  • peer review process
  • citations of the articles, taking into account the specific field of the journal

The journals selected to the databases are featured from cover to cover. In addition to the bibliographical information and abstracts of the articles, the databases also contain a list of citations used in the article and information on how much the articles and authors have been cited themselves.

Looking at the list of works cited in an article relevant to you is a good way to find new articles on your topic. This way you may even come accross some works that you didn't find with basic search. It also helps you to see what works have influenced the author and follow the development of ideas and concepts related to your topic.

Web of Science Core Collection databases are updated weekly, meaning that they are a good source for current information.

Read more about the Journal Selection Process: https://clarivate.com/essays/journal-selection-process/.


You can see all the WoS indexed journals from the Master Journal List - either search for a specific journal or browse by field.