Work packages

The project is divided into five work packages (WPs) that have been structured to support achieving the project results: 

WP1 exchanges best experience and practice and improves competence within novel laboratories and tests. The activities here take best advantage of partners' laboratory infrastructure, create synergies from exchanging knowledge and information within partners’ biobanks and databases, share knowledge for designing effective tests in order to study female and fetal health and wellbeing.

WP2 raises competence and expertise for analysis and interpretations and is dedicated to enhancing the methods and techniques for performing analysis within the predefined Focus Areas for female and fetal health and wellbeing, and to best utilize the novel laboratories and tests.

WP3 improves the knowledge transfer practices from basic & applied science to health care. The activities here include the implementation of quality standards, technology guidelines, bioinformatic pipelines and counselling recommendations with the purpose of identifying the chromosomal aberrations from IVF embryos prior to the embryo transfer, the fetal chromosomal aberrations leading to severe diseases in offspring. The objective is to start providing clinically validated non-invasive testing for endometriosis. 

WP4 aims at disseminating knowledge gained from the project to the scientific community, the health care sector and the general public interested in women’s and fetal reproductive medicine. Several dissemination events (e.g workshops, summer schools, participation in conferences, organizing a field specific conference) will take place within this WP. The WP also facilitates future cooperation via preparing joint research grant applications, writing joint publications, thus formulating ties between the researchers of the three institutions.

WP5 deals with project management to ensure smooth and timely delivery of project results. The package includes the following activities: overall management and monitoring of project's progress of WPs against deliverables, organising of project’s meetings, ensuring the communication with European Commission, ensuring accurate and timely reporting on activities.