Description of the programme

Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management Master’s programme presents the main keywords in its titel: Service Design and Management in Wellness, Spa and Hospitality industry. Carefully designed content is divided in 5 main study modules that are interrelated to one another and linked to the concepts of sustainability, creativity, quality, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Society and Wellness module (15ECTS)

Principles of Sustainable Development (5ECTS)

Wellness History and Philosophy (5 ECTS)

Wellness Economy and Innovation (5 ECTS)

Individuals and Wellness module (15ECTS)

Spa Service Development (5 ECTS)

Wellness and Spa Service Quality Management (ECTS)

Spa Nutrition and Food Management (5 ECTS)

Tourism and Wellness module (15ECTS)

Wellness and Health Tourism (5ECTS)

Tourism Marketing (5ECTS)

Human Resource Management for Wellness and Hospitality (5ECTS)

Service Design and Wellness module (15 ECTS)

Service Design (5ECTS)

Process and Projects Management in Wellness Service Design (5ECTS)

Visual Communication Design (5ECTS)

Business and Wellness module (15ECTS)

Service Management (5ECTS)

Strategic Management (5ECTS)

Accounting and Financial Management (5ECTS)

The programme also includes internship period (practical working experience in spa and wellness industry), elective courses and research methodology to support the preparation process of writing Master’s Thesis.

Internship (10ECTS)

Elective courses (5ECTS)

Research Methodology (5ECTS)

Master’s Thesis (25ECTS)


Language: English

Programme duration: 2 years

Full time study

The possibility of credit transfer is available to graduates with a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Recognition of prior work experience is available to applicants with substantial work experience in the field.

Tuition fees and scholarships

The programme fee is 1700 EUR/semester and covers tuition, essential study materials, supervision and advice for thesis preparation. The fee does not cover housing and living expenses. Please click here for more information.

Maximum number of students is 15.

Information on scholarships is given here.

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