Internship period is compulsory and a very important part of the whole study process. Every student has to get a practical working experience before the second study year. The favourable time for it is summer period from June until September after the second semester. The students have acquired enough theoretical knowledge by then, passed the main study modules that are necessary to get a deeper understanding of spa and wellness philosophy, services and industry in general. Now it is time to get a real spa experience! 

University of Tartu Pärnu College has developed a remarkable network of spas in various resorts and regions that are ready to cooperate and offer internship positions for our students. Already in the first semester the students are provided with necessary information about the internship process they have to go through in order to be ready on time. All arrangements, negotiations and agreements take time and therefore it is never too early to start with the planning. Some students have a very clear idea where they want to work but others may need some help. The College has an internship specialist who helps students with the process. She prepares the contracts and guides every student through the paperwork and applying process. You don’t have to be scared, everybody gets support and help!

The students of the University of Tartu have right to apply for ERASMUS scholarship that means financial internship support to help to cover traveling costs and accommodation during the working period. It is very helpful and handy to have your costs under control. Together with our internship specialist, you will learn about your rights and options. Usually personal appointments are scheduled for the discussion.

What kind of work can a student expect?
Usually our students find a position as a spa attendant or a spa receptionist in a spa, wellness centre or a spa hotel. It is the very first step you cannot miss when you build up your career in spa and wellness industry. The position requires full understanding of spa services offered in the facility but also excellent communication skills. Direct contact with customers gives a good lesson and helps to understand the industry functioning in daily business. Sometimes our students work as help to spa manager, that means getting involved in spa operations, but also marketing and product development. That can be challenging but will be rewarding afterwards. The knowledge you gain is worth of working hard. In any case, the responsibilities of each student will be discussed, tasks described and agreed with both parties and contracts signed before the start of internship period. Every student will have a supervisor, the main support and contact in the enterprise during the internship.
Students have to keep record of their activities and write a report in the end of the internship period. The written report has to be submitted and defended at the college during the following semester. It is absolutely necessary to reflect on your work experience and share it with your fellow students, get feedback and discuss the details with our specialist when you come back. The internship can be seen as one of the most important milestones for your future career as a spa manager.

Our partners for internship:

Vila Vita Parc Hotel (Portugal), Six Senses Spa (Barcelona, Spain, and also other destinations in Europe and outside Europe), Carisma Spa (Malta), A-Spa (Kirini Spa Hotel in Greece), Artemis Hamam and Spa (Greece), Mandarin Oriental Bodrum (Turkey), Hotel Relais & Chateaux Il Falconiere(Italy), Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Iberotel Boltenhagen (Germany), Hotel Jurmala Spa (Latvia), The Yeatman Luxury Spa Wine Hotel (Portugal).