Exercise 3

4 questions
  1. Please mark whether the sentences below are true or false:

    A river basin is the area drained by the parent river, excluding its tributaries
    Disposal of wastewater taking place in a river basin has impacts downstream.
    The river basin management approach cannot be applied to single streams or lakes.
    In the European Union, each Member State can decide the extent of its river basin districts.
    According to the EU Water Framework Directive, for each listed water body within the river basin district, at least good status needs to be achieved.
  2. Identify the category of each water management tool below. 

    Administrative sanctions
    Water charges
    Abstraction taxes
    Environmental permits
    Emission ceilings
    Tradable water permits
  3. Match each example with regulative policy instrument.

    Before water can be taken from a river or a stream for commercial use, a licence has to be applied for.

    The company was fined for illegal discharge of wastewater.

    Experts came to the conclusion that the proposed construction of the pulp mill would have no major impact on surface water quality.

    Water pollution indicators, such as total phosphorus and total nitrogen, must be analysed once a week.

    Following the chemical spill, the company had to pay for the clean-up of the lake and damages caused to neighbouring estates.

    The draft Water Act had been subject to two rounds of public consultation.

    Access to water has been declared a human right by the United Nations.

    Vale vastuse valimisega kaotad punkte!

  4. For each economic instrument listed below, choose the correct corresponding objective.

    Water charge based on water metering
    Sewerage charge
    Water abstraction tax
    Effluent charge
    Payments to farmers subject to restrictions in fertilizer use in water protection zones