Creative Letter Writing Exercise (ŠMITIENĖ)

Writing a letter is not so much a form of self-expression as it is a constant attunement of oneself to the one to whom one is writing. Writing a letter is about building a relationship. Choose a postcard or letter paper and write two letters from Tartu, where you are now, perhaps telling how it is going to be participating in the intensive course here. For the first letter, choose a recipient with whom you are in regular close contact; for the second letter, find a recipient who is important and close to you, even though you haven't seen or spoken to him/her for a long time and would like to do that. When you have finished writing the letters, return to class to reflect on how the content of the letters differs, how the spaces and the time appear in the writing, and how the letter-writer's subjectivity shimmers and changes.


Travel Writing as Life Writing: Autobiographical Voices and Strategies for Self-representation in Women's Travel Accounts. Creative writing exercise (Kārkla)

Travel writing as an immersive experience entails capturing its essence by engaging all your senses. It goes beyond mere observation and aims to transport readers to the location through vivid descriptions, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the surroundings. This form of writing seeks to create a visceral connection with the place, enabling the reader to feel as if they are experiencing the journey firsthand.

Take a walk around Tartu. You have the option to follow one of the recommended routes from the tourist guide or simply explore freely, allowing the city to guide you to the places that resonate with you. As you wander, take in your surroundings, and when you discover a spot that feels welcoming, where you feel comfortable, jot down your impressions briefly. Expand your thoughts beyond visual observations and consider the fragrances, sounds, and textures that surround you, immersing yourself fully in the experience. Once you've completed your exploration, return to the classroom to share your impressions, or if you're willing, share the written reflections you've composed during your walk.