General information

„Structural Change as the Factor of Productivity Growth in the Case of Catching up Economies“ is a research project financed by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Productivity growth is among the key issues in the development of modern European societies. The aim of this project is to provide solid basis for evidence-based policy recommendations for productivity growth through improved understanding of the central role of various components of structural change as the factors of productivity. We add to the existing literature by combining micro and macro aspects of structural change. We emphasize the role of skill upgrading, intangibles and changes in export product or market portfolio in shaping economic structure and productivity. The provided recommendations are based on empirical evidence from catching-up economies. Our results offer guidance to development of new theoretical approaches linking strategic market choice and intangibles to productivity and structural change. Significant contribution is constructing detailed longitudinal micro databases. The project combines three levels of research: sector & country, firm, and intrafirm level.