Post-conference tour to Lake Peipus region

Saturday, October 9 at 10:3018:00

Region is famous for it’s onion cultivation, samovar tea culture, Old Believers and Baltic German heritage. Tour route.

10:30 Departure from Tartu

The tour guide Triinu will be with the group the whole day - she introduces history of the region and places, tells stories, answers your questions.

Varnja. Mesi Tare guesthouse and Samovar house.

Mesi Tare guesthouse and Samovar House is a family-owned enterprise that offers the oppurtunity to experience authentic accommodation in a real home of an Old Believer family, owns a collection of samovars (60) and helds a tea workshops.

Programme includes a tea workshop: visitors will learn about the Ivan-Tšai herbal tea, how to prepare samovar tea, what are the traditions of Old Believers. Tasting tea and special regional sugar. Visiting samovar collection. 

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Trip through Old Believers villages (Varnja-Kasepää-Kolkja), at the same time tour guide will tell about the life of Old Believers and famous onion cultivation.

Kolkja. Kolkja Museum of Old Believers.

You can see the traditional clothes, everyday items, handicrafts, tools, photos, books and many other items associated with the Old Believers. The Russian Old Believers – starovery – have been following their religious traditions rigorously for more than a 1000 years. There are 11 congregations of Old Believers with approximately 15,000 members in Estonia. The Lake Peipus area is the main area where Old Believers live.

Programme includes visit to the museum:
meeting local tour guide and hearing her stories, info about life now and then.

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Lunch at the Kivi Tavern.

Kivi Tavern is a cozy place that offers food made from local produce. Several recipes have been invented on the spot and in season, fresh produce is bought from local farmers to provide a truly authentic local cuisine.

Programme includes lunch: Fried Pike-perch (local delicious white fish), seasonal vegetables, potatoes, handmade bread with flavored butter, house cake, water, tea/coffee.
** Changes in the menu are possible on pre-order. 

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Alatskivi. Alatskivi Castle.

Walk from lunch place through the manor park to the castle  a Baltic German heritage, built in 1885 only for one family with servants.

Programme includes walk in the castle with your tour guide. We will see, how the family used to live, see the wax figures of the servants and hear their story. Read more.

Flavours of Alatskivi Manor.

Licensed craft wines from small producer. All the produce is made from local berries and plants. Also herbal teas (Ivan-Tšai and others), flavoured vinegars, food souvenirs.

Programme includes wine tasting: During the visit group will degustate 5 wines. Possible to buy food souvenirs and all products. Read more.








18:00 Back in Tartu

Tour price: 70 € per person