papadakisMichael Papadakis, MBBS, MD, MRCP, FESC is a Reader (Assoc. Professor) in Cardiology at St George’s, University of London and an Honorary Consultant Cardiologists at St George’s University Hospitals. Dr Papadakis qualified at Imperial College School of Medicine in London in 2001 and gained membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 2007. In 2014 he was awarded a Medical Doctora at King’s College London. He is the chair of the section of Sports Cardiology and Exercise of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC). His interests include sports cardiology, inherited cardiac diseases, cardiovascular disease prevention including prevention of sudden cardiac death in young and athletic individuals, heart failure and cardiac imaging. Dr Papadakis is currently credited with more than 80 publications in peer reviewed medical journals and numerous presentations in national and international conferences. He has contributed to a number of projects as an expert, including the creation of the Sports Cardiology core curriculum, the creation of the international ECG criteria for an athlete’s evaluation and exercise recommendations in individuals with heart disease. He has advanced education in the field of Sports Cardiology by building educational material for the European Society of Cardiology and launching a novel MSc degree in Sports Cardiology, the first postgraduate qualification of its kind.


kahreTiina Kahre, MD, PhD, graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Tartu in 1989 as a pediatrician, and has been involved in the establishment of molecular diagnostics service in Estonia since 1993. Since 1996, she has been working in the Molecular Diagnostic Centre as a clinical molecular geneticist and since 2012 as the Head of the Molecular Diagnostic Lab of Department of Genetics in Tartu University Hospital. Dr. Kahre has been involved in many different scientific projects, like investigations on cystic fibrosis, long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency, pediatric ischemic stroke, and prevalence of Fragile X, spinal muscular atrophy, and most recently imprinting disorders in Estonia. She was awarded a PhD in molecular biomedicine in 2004 for research in cystic fibrosis in Estonia. Dr. Kahre has been at the research fellow position in different departments at the University of Tartu (Department of Pediatrics, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Clinical Genetics). At the moment, she is also holding the position of a lecturer at the Department of Clinical Genetics at Clinical Medicine Institute of the University of Tartu. Dr. Kahre has been a co-author of 92 publications, 26 of which were published during the last 5 years. Tiina Kahre is currently the President of the Estonian Medical Genetics Society.



Valeri Akhalkatsi, MD, PhD, received his medical degree from the Department of Sports Medicine, University of Tartu in 1988 and completed a year-long internship at the Gori City Hospital right after graduation. After that, he worked as physician and a general practitioner at the Gori ER station, as a physician with the Gori, F.C. “Dila” and as a physiatrist at the phthisiatric outpatient clinic and as a Head Specialist at the Department of Quality Control of the Ministry of Health, and from 2000-2008, he was the Director of Sports Medical Diagnostic Centre “NEKO”.

Currently, he is the Director of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinical Centre in the Tbilisi State Medical University where he also teaches in the Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has been the Head of Department of Rehabilitation Trauma Clinic Ltd. “Travmatologi” since 2012.

Akhalkatsi has worked with various sports teams throughout the years as well. He was the head doctor of F.C. “Dinamo” Tbilisi from 2002-2003, the Chief of Medical Committee of the Georgian Football Federation from 2003-2015, and the Chief of Medical Committee at the Academy of Football from 2014-2016. At present, he is a physician of the Georgian Olympic Team.

He is the President of Georgian Association of Sports Medicine, instructor at UEFA’s coaches´ education programme and a member of the German Association of Sports Medicine. From 2004 to 2005, he was also an expert at the European Committee of Anti-Doping Monitoring Group.


clemm2Hege Havstad Clemm, MD, PhD, is working as a Senior Consultant in Pediatric Pulmonology at the Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway. She is also a Sport Physician in the Norwegian Olympic committee in Western Norway, and the main physician for the Norwegian Olympic candidates in triathlon. Based on EILO-research since 1997 from the EILO-group in Bergen, she established an outpatient clinic at the Haukeland University Hospital in 2010, a cooperation between the Head and Neck surgery department and the Pediatric Department, serving patients from all over Norway. In 2013, she established an EILO-registry, based on this clinic. She is currently running the EILO-register and the EILO-research group in Bergen, Norway. (www.westpaed.com/eilo). She is also respiratory and medical advisor to the Norwegian Anti-Doping, board member of the Norwegian Pediatric Pulmonology Association, and board member of the Western Norway Sports Medicine Association. She was the head of the Annual Norwegian Congress of Sports Medicine, held in Bergen, Norway, in 2018.



Maarit Valtonen, MD, PhD, MCR, is the Chief Medical Officer at the Research Centre for Olympic Sports and at the Finnish Olympic Committee. She is a specialist in sports and exercise medicine and one of the leading experts in sports medicine in Finland. Her main clinical focus is in the preventive medicine in elite sports and the in the management of athletes’ health care. In her position at the High Performance Unit of the Finnish Olympic Committee she develops and promotes medical expertise in Olympic Training Centres and sports academies in Finland.
Dr Maarit Valtonen’s scientific research area includes athletes’ health, susceptibility to respiratory infections and risk of illness in elite athletes.