Social programme

Saturday, November 2nd


11.00-12.00 Guided tour of the University main buildingin English

The tour includes a visit to the beautiful classical Assembly Hall, the 19th century student lock-up and to the University of Tartu Art Museum. - 5,40 €


12.30-13.30 University of Tartu Museum and the Dome Cathedral in English

A thematic tour of the University of Tartu Museum’s main exhibition and a look into the rich history of the Tartu Dome Cathedral. - 5,40 €


14.00 Group visit to the Science Centre AHHAAin Russian

The Science Centre AHHAA has over 3000 square metres of exhibition area in three large halls, including the University of Tartu's historical medicine collections, some of which date back to the year 1803, and the Race to Space exhibition about mankind´s conquest to space. - 11 €


Registration to the guided tours is available at the conference registration desk.