Friday, 19th of October (T-0 days ignition):

We have lift-off:

Wednesday, 17th of October (T-2 days):

We are getting closer to the event, everybody needs to prepare their working materials for the weekend. We are now adding a new info page with more detailed information, how you can can be best prepared for the weekend.

Tuesday, 16th of October (T-3 days):

We are super to happy to announce our next sponsor, City of Tartu. We would like to thank City of Tartu for supporting our event.

Monday, 15th of October (T-4 days):

We are super to happy to announce our next sponsor, Datel. We would like to thank Datel for supporting our event.

Datel Datel Sille

Friday, 12th of October (T-7 days):

We are super to happy to announce our next sponsor, Cybernetica. We would like to thank Cybernetica for supporting our event.

Cybernetica Logo

Tuesday, 9th of October (T-10 days):

We are super to happy to announce our next sponsor, Positium. We would like to thank Positium for supporting our event.

Positium Logo

Monday, 8th of October (T-11 days):

We are incredibly proud to be able to announce the First Price, the price for the team that is graded the highest scores: Participation (i.e. conference fees, flights and accommodation)  at the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Living Planet symposium, 13-17 May 2019, in Milan, Italy.

The Symposium is held every three years and focuses on how Earth Observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth Observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.

The team who is winning this prize is also encouraged to submit its winning idea as an abstract to the symposium, for presentation or poster. We'd like to thank Tartu Observatory and Tartu Ülikool for this possibility.

Tartu Observatory logoTartu Ülikool logo

Friday, 5th of September (T-14 days):

We are super to happy to announce our first official sponsor, CGI Estonia. We would like to thank CGI  for supporting our event and we are glad to have Martin Jüssi from CGI speaking at our event. More info on the program page.

CGI Estonia Logo

Friday, 5th of October (T-14 days):

Things are heating up as we get closer to the launch. NASA has uploaded now detailed challenge topics for you to be inspired in solving real-world problems:

And also we have updated our schedule with more details. Check it out here and share:

Tuesday, 25th of September (T-23 days):

A big shout-out to EGEA Tartu, who are supporting the staff team in organising and on-site support.

EGEA Tartu

Friday, 21th of September (T-28 days):

We have confirmation from PhD Andris Slavinskis, a Senior Researcher, who worked at NASA, Tartu Observatory and ESTCube, to join in with a fantastic presentation on Asteroid Touring. Have a look at the updated program.

Andris Slavinskis, Research Scientist - Tartu Observatory and NASA Ames Research Center: "Riders on the Solar Wind: Multi-Asteroid Touring"

(see here for more info on Andris:

Thursday, 13th of September (T-36 days):

Tartu is announced as a hosting location, you can now start registering :-) Join us in the world's largest hackathon.

Tuesday, 11th of September (T-38 days):

Today we had a great meeting at the Tartu Observatoorium with the director and science staff brainstorming for coming the NASA SpaceApps hackathon at University of Tartu.

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