Important Participant Info

What to bring

The most important thing is to bring your ideas, spirit of fun and helping others!

Tech and equipment

Most participants form teams and work together and allocate different tasks to different team members. For instance you may be great at ideating and creating a marketing pitch through a storyboard. Another team member may mine data for the concepts so needs a computer and someone else could focus their energy on elements of a winning video. So not everyone needs a laptop but if you have one then bring - for some tea members a tablet would also be enough.

  • Laptop
  • Mouse and mousepad
  • Adaptors and power cables (some may be supplied)
  • Headphones
  • USB thumb drives, external hard drives
  • Phone and charger
  • Camera or video equipment – although not required

Can I leave equipment at the venue overnight? We discourage this, however recognise some people like to have their monitor at the events. Please be aware that you do this at your own risk and organisers accept no responsibility for any possessions left unattended at the venue.

Live event communication

We have set-up a public collaboration repository for our NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 in Tartu. Please go to the Wiki for the event collaboration place:

Gitter Chat

Join the SpaceApps Gitter live chat, we'll announce important info also on the chat in order to be able to reach everyone. You are also free to communicate on the channel with each other.

If you don't have a GitHub account, please consider creating one. Your team outputs, such as source code or designs are by demand of NASA to be made available to NASA under an open source (such as MIT, BSD, Apache or GPL) or open data license (such as Creative Commons). You can join the Gitter chat with GitHub or a Twitter account. However, having a GitHub account will make it easy to share your results and link it to the event.

Social media

Please tag all your event-related posts on social media (especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), that would be greatly appreciated.

Twitter handles and hashtags: #SpaceAppsTartu @unitartu @UniTartuCS @spaceapps #SpaceApps

Please also share your photos of the event through Facebook (FB event:, Instagram tagged #SpaceAppsTartu, or other channels! 

The other stuff

Hackathon is great fun, but it can also be an intense and stressful weekend at times. Bring what you need to stay productive and comfortable.

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Music or podcasts
  • Any data you’ve downloaded for the event, or notes you’ve made
  • Your favourite snacks and drinks (we’ll provide some meals and snacks!)
  • A water bottle
  • Pen, paper, maybe your notebook
  • Any medications you may need

Sleeping at the venue

The venue will not be open over night and therefore you won’t be able to spend night at the venue. Venue is open on Fri until 11 pm; Sat 8am to 11 pm and Sun 8 am – 6.30 pm

Internet access

The venue will provide free WiFi (eduroam and Uni public wifi). Please make sure the laptops or computers you bring can connect via WiFi, or that you bring a WiFi dongle. Hardwired connections are not available.


We’ll be taking care of your some of your meals, so all you need to bring along are any snacks you want.

  • Friday: Dinner – pizza provided by Cybernetica
  • Saturday: Breakfast and dinner provided by Datel
  • Sunday: Breakfast
  • In addition: some snacks (apples, cookies) will be provided throughout the day
  • Need coffee… yes please! We will provide Turkish style coffee, tea and milk
  • Special Dietary needs: Vegetarian options will be available.

Catering is donated by wonderful sponsors, accordingly at this time we are unable to offer or guarantee products are organic nor won’t be able to wide range of dietary requirements. Thank you for understanding.

"What to bring" is using information collated by GovHack

Rules and Code of Conduct

Be respectful. Be thoughtful. Be open. Be awesome.

  • All design elements, code, hardware builds, etc. for your project must be created during the event. You can plan and discuss with your team in advance. Written documents and design sketches are allowed. You may also incorporate pre-existing material that is freely available to the public into your project, such as public domain images, Creative Commons music, open source libraries, existing APIs and platforms, and the like.
  • Teams must be comprised of 4-6 people.
  • The team members must spend the majority of their design/coding time at the hackathon location.
  • Any intellectual property developed during the hackathon will belong to the team that developed it, but data and source code most be made available under an open data or open source license.

This hackathon is a community event intended for learning, collaboration, and engagement. We value the participation of each member and want everyone involved to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Accordingly, all staff and participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to others throughout the event. To make clear what is expected, all staff, participants, volunteers, mentors and judges in the hackathon are required to conform to the following Code of Conduct. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event.

Be Respectful Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other attendees. Behave professionally. Remember that harassment and racist, sexist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate for this event

Be Thoughtful In the spirit of education and inclusiveness, there may be minors participating in the hackathon. Keep this in mind when speaking.

Be Open We welcome attendees from all backgrounds. This event is about increasing the overall amount of learning, partnership, and engagement.

Be Awesome and Have Fun Hack, meet new people, get creative, and have a good time. Getting something meaningful done within such a short amount of time can be stressful, but we'd like to encourage everyone to take a break every now and then to relax and enjoy the event.

In other words, use this time and space to enjoy the process of hacking! Whether it's your first time at a hackathon or your 50th, it's always good to remember not to focus so heavily on the end result that you don't enjoy the process of making it happen. And bear in mind that the process of getting productive at a hackathon can be a bit messy and slow to start.

All of this to say: we want this hackathon to be a safe place to create, learn, and build up a supportive community. Thank you for being a part of it!

You grant us a release to be photographed and for this material to be shared via social media and included in case study materials about the Hackathon.
You acknowledge and agree that your image, name and voice may be used by organisers to produce any of the following Hackathon-related content:

  • Digital video
  • Social media content – inclusive of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and others
  • Print
  • Photography

We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information submitted through the registration process with third parties without your prior consent.

Rules and code of conduct based on Valley Hackathon and guidelines from Hackbright Academy.