Ideas and Teams

Toolkit, selected goodies, advises, sites and softwares for you to get started even faster


The NASA Global Challenges

Please read about the announced categories:

NASA has now also announced specific challenges for you to be inspired and solve real-world problems:

Each of these have already attached background information and resources to give you a head start. Please go carefully through the information in order to understand if this could be your topic.

NASA Open Data

Some background reading about virtual “Data Bootcamp”, and start looking into NASA's open data portals:

Consider checking ideas and projects that have been successful in the last years:

- and for the years before, 2016 ...

ESA Open Data

Although this is a NASA event, you might want to mesh data from NASA with data from ESA (European Space Agency), Europe's counterpart to NASA. It might even be of wider interest to both NASA and ESA data users, which websites are better to navigate, or what different types of data is available:

Building a team

We have set-up a public collaboration repository. Here we want to fill in info for the teams and ideas and link their repositories:

If you think you have a great idea for a project and/or you would like to gather a team for the hackathon, announce your idea and proposed team name. At the start of the event you will pitch your idea to the participants, so they can join your team.

Please have a look at the role descriptions (below). Ideally, you can identify the role that best suits you and each team needs to have at least one of each. 

Resembling MacGyver with your ability to wield code, programing languages, tools or hardware gadgets, everyone else get dizzy trying to keep up with you when you are plugged into the Matrix.
Examples: Backend Ninja, Fullstack Dev, Maker, Engineer
The Hacker role is mainly meant for Dev/Coding, frontend/backend programming skills. But we also suggest this role for also less programming related capabilities around hardware, engineering, building things and making things work in general.

We all have problems and you want and know to solve them. You come to the hackathon with an idea. Your passion and creativity to come up with and explore solutions motivates others to get behind the problem as well.
Examples: Product Manager, Primary and secondary Research/Analysis, Domain Expert, Scientist
The Visionary role has in-depth knowledge about some specific field, for example, geography, space, biology, history etc. This knowledge helps to find niches that add advantages. Data analysts, healthcare professionals, teachers, and other specialists are also visionaries how provide valuable insight into how a product should be designed and how will be adopted.

We all love pretty and good looking things. You can make beautiful things and you make things beautiful.
Examples: Web Design, UX/UI design, Branding, Marketing, Draw beautiful things
The Designer role is primarily concerned with the beautiful design, presentation and usability of about anything that your team creates. It’s all about colours, shape and user experience.

You are a doer, you get things done. You know how to sell anything to anyone. You enable and support everyone else, and do the things which are outside of others’ fields. You resolve road blocks so the the team can keep working away.
Examples: Team lead, Support, Sales
The Hustler role is typically a hybrid of a leader, a sales person and the guy who just gets stuff done. You organise resources and make sure everyone has something to do and the team can work at full efficiency.
Please identify and select which role is most suitable for you.

If you really can’t find a role for you, don’t worry, we’ll find suitable team for you based on the areas you feel most comfortable with via a skillshare wall.