The Societas Linguistica Europaea invites applications from current PhD students for participation in the 2018 SLE summer school, which will take place from Sunday 26 - Tuesday 28 August 2018 at the University of Tartu. The summer school will offer a range of short theoretical and methodological courses that will introduce the participants to linguistic topics of high current relevance. This year the summer school has two focuses--typology and sociolinguistics. Upon full participation in the study programme students will be awarded 1 ECTS credit. The program of the Summer School consists also practical workshops on publishing, scholarships and grants, and short introductory course to Estonian language.

Hosting institution: University of Tartu

Dates:  August 26-28, 2018

This Summer School is organised by the Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics (GSLPS). The event is supported by the University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA

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Martin Ehala (University of Helsinki, University of Tartu)
Külli Habicht (University of Tartu)
Martin Hilpert (Université de Neuchâtel)
Birute Klaas-Lang (University of Tartu)
Gerson Klumpp (University of Tartu)
Helle Metslang (University of Tartu)
Miina Norvik (University of Tartu)
Renate Pajusalu (University of Tartu)
Karl Pajusalu (University of Tartu)
Ann Veismann (University of Tartu)

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