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The Tartu Conference provides a venue for presenting and discussing results of academic research focusing on politics and societies of Russia and Eastern Europe. The Tartu Conference is organized by the Centre for Eurasian and Russian Studies at the University of Tartu, Estonia.
Autor: University of Tartu
Viimati muudetud: 24.11.2020
Conference theme: Chemistry Education for Responsible Citizenship and Employability
Autor: Miia Rannikmäe
Viimati muudetud: 05.02.2015
Autor: Raivo Valk
Viimati muudetud: 27.01.2015
Old Religion and New Spirituality
Autor: Atko Remmel
Viimati muudetud: 19.10.2014
Ariste konverentsi kodulehekülg
Autor: Nikolay Kuznetsov
Viimati muudetud: 07.05.2014
Ariste konverentsi ingliskeelne kodulehekülg
Autor: Andrea Nad
Viimati muudetud: 07.05.2014
Ariste konverentsi kodulehekül
Autor: Andrea Nad
Viimati muudetud: 15.05.2014
Homepage for the XIII Nordic Conference on Religious Education, 2015 at Tartu University
Autor: Olga Schihalejev
Viimati muudetud: 30.05.2014
50 aastat eripedagoogika õpet Eestis: vilistlaskonverents
Autor: Signe Raudik
Viimati muudetud: 20.06.2018
Autumn school “Changing Policies and Cultures in Europe and Russia: Environment, Resources, Energy” is one-week intensive program, which provides a general understanding of the region’s cultural, political and economic specificities regarding energy policies. The regional perspective will particularly address policies and markets of the post-command economies of Europe and of post-Soviet space. Multidisciplinary perspective of the issue is presented by the international team of academics and experts in order to cover various aspects of the field: regional studies, including cultural aspects of energy, political economy and law. Lectures will be given by an international team, which includes representatives from the Free University of Berlin, Helsinki University, Gubkin Oil and Gas University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Technical University of Delft, University of Aberdeen, University of Eastern Finland, as well as a representative from the Energy Community Secretariat.
Autor: Oliivia Võrk
Viimati muudetud: 05.09.2013