SCOPUS is the Elsevier publishers’ abstract and citation database, abstracting more than 30 000 scientific journals (incl. 3476 Open Access journals). It is a multidisciplinary database, representing also the humanities. 

Main research fields:
life sciences ~4300 titles 
health sciences ~6800 titles
physical sciences ~7200 titles
social sciences & humanities ~5300 titles

SCOPUS contains about 66 million records, half of which are from the year 1995 and up and other half of which date back until the year 1823.

The database

  • gives a quick overview of the fundamental journals and specialities of your subject field.
  • enables to learn how often a work has been cited and by whom.
  • enables to find out the h-index, which allows to evaluate the author’s productivity.
  • allows to search information about the author and to find the right person among many with the same name and similar characteristics.
  • ensures the feed of information (Alert service, RSS) in order to keep up with new articles and favourite authors.

Alerts enables you to get information about new citings or added documents. For example, you can set the alert so that once a day/week/month you get an e-mail informing you about relevant new additions to the database, be they by a certain author or on a certain topic. You can also save relevant search results in Lists. For both of these services to be available, you have to Create an account and be signed in.