DataCite Search

One can start search from DataCite Estonia webpage  or  DataCite Search page.

Example 1: Starting from DataCite Estonia webpage let us search datasets about blockchain:

Filtering datasets from 2018 we get a result. Take a look at the dataset!

Example 2: How many DOI-s has UT Library as allocator minted to datasets from Estonia? For his particular search enter estdoi (22.04.2020) into the search box. 

Search result: UT Library has minted 692 232 DOI-s. There are 18 557 391 data sets registred in  DataCite, obviously the contribution of Estonia is notable.

Searches can be limited in several ways, in this case it is repository in chemistry.

DataCite automatically forms citation of a dataset in 8 formats, but one can form more than 5000 additional formats using Citation Formatter.


To reach the downloadable data just klick DOI that lands on QsarDB repository and find the data in the right upper corner:


Example 2: Let's find a data set on electrochemistry from DataCite registry

limiting the results with resource type and year 2017:

we have 11 final results among which data from University of Cambridge "Direct observation of ion dynamics in supercapacitor electrodes using in situ diffusion NMR spectroscopy" could be interesting for researchers in Tartu University, developing electrodes of supercapacitors;


  • DataCite registres matadata and mints DOI for a data set
  • To search a data set try several keywords, broader and narrower ones
  • Use limiters 
  • Cite data!
  • In case you store your own data in a repository, provide as much matadata as possible