DataCite Estonia

University of Tartu became a member of DataCite in 2014 and formed a Consortium DataCite Estonia in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University and Estonian University of Life Sciences. The Consortium assures that the open research output of the universities is findable, accessible and reusable via DataCite.

University of Tartu Library is the allocator for data centres and repositories for minting DOI.

The prefix for DataCite Estonia is ESTDOI                                

The DataCite Estonia affiliated repositories that have indexed the metadata and DOI for their research data: Datadoi/DSpace repository of Tartu University, geocollections in Estonia SARV, Data Management and Publishing Platform  PlutoF for taxonomical, ecological, phylogenetical, etc. research, QsarDB in computer chemistry,  Center of Estonian Language Resources and EMU DSpace for Estonian University of Life Sciences.