Data Management Plan

Planning a research  needs documented sequence of intended actions and resources to gather, maintain, secure, and utilize data, compring a Data Management Plan (DMP). Once the data is determined and a DMP created, a system to store and manipulate the data can then be developed.

  • What data will be created during research
  • Which policies might apply to the data, such as legal, institutional and funding requirements
  • Which data standards will be used, including metadata standards
  • How data will be documented
  • Ownership, copyright and intellectual property rights in data
  • Data security aspects
  • Data storage and backup measures and required equipment or infrastructure
  • Plans for sharing data, who will have access and whether there are any embargoes or restrictions
  • Data management roles and responsibilities
  • Costing, resources and dissemination activities to enable data sharing

Digital Curation Centre in UK has provided software for data management planning, DMPonline, that everyone can use and customize. There is a demo available.

Study the DMP checklist:

dmp_checklist_2013.pdf75 KB