dr. Kadri Sohar
University of Tartu

Research interests: I am particularly interested in ostracod approaches to the palaeoenvironment and interglacial climate reconstructions, also in isotpic composition of ostracod calcite to explain the past temperatures and hydrologic regime.

Liina Laumets (e.g. registration information)
University of Tartu

I am specialized in Quaternary and stable isotope geology, palaeoclimatology and palaeolimnology. My main research focus is Holocene environment change based on lake carbonate studies and oxygen stable isotope geochemistry.


dr. Leeli Amon-Veskimeister
Tallinn University of Technology

My main research subject is the last deglaciation, its timing and vegetation development during the Late-glacial period. I study plant macrofossils - everything from seeds to tree trunks deposited into the sediments. In summer I usually wander around in the nature and collect seeds for my reference collection. It is very easy to make me happy - just donate interesting seeds or leaves :)