13.09.17. orientalistika seminaris budismiõpetaja Bill Karelis


13.09.2017 18:15 - 19:45


Kolmapäeval, 13. septembril 2017, kell 18:15
Ülikooli 18-228

Bill Karelis (budismiõpetaja USAst)

The Path of Basic Goodness

Goodness belongs to all, inherently. In fact, we are goodness itself, in our bones and in our heart. We possess natural warriorship—bravery and gentleness. However, we are often obscured from our own goodness and innate, warrior virtues; in such moments, we cannot see our goodness, and we do not feel it. The greatest task we could undertake in this life is to bring out our basic goodness and warriorship, to manifest truly and to be of service to others. The sitting practice of meditation, accompanied by the secular Shambhala vision, equips us to discover and bring out the best within us, on a gradual path of discipline and sudden path of wakefulness. In this public talk and subsequent residential intensive, Mr. Karelis will describe and explore with the participants how this path unfolds in daily life.

BILL KARELIS attended Harvard College and studied for many decades at the feet of great Tibetan meditation masters. He has been traveling the world teaching for 25 years, including in over a 100 prisons. His first book, “Living Life Fully: Finding Sanity and Goodness in the Unpredictable,” was published in 2013, and his second book, “Like a Snow Lion in Its Prime: the Path of Basic Goodness,” just published this July, we plan to have available at the event.