Estonia is a small, Northern-European country that never fails to amaze first-time visitors. With a population of just 1.3 million, there’s always plenty of room for everyone. In fact, 70 percent of the land is covered by forests and peat bogs. That means the country is as clean and green as can be, giving guests the chance to enjoy some of the purest water and freshest air around. Estonians, who are nature-minded people, really value their ecology. At the same time, Estonia is known internationally as one of the world's most digitally advanced societies. Locals are used to doing nearly everything online and paper-free, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi that’s available just about everywhere.

The seaside resort town of PÄRNU, a city of 40,000, is known as the country’s wellness capital. Pärnu is loved for its beach, tranquil parks, old-fashioned architecture and especially its well-developed spa hotels along with an excellent local dining scene. The city’s prime location – roughly on the halfway point between Tallinn and Latvia’s capital, Riga, and reachable in about two hours from each – have made it a popular destination.
Though its history goes back to Medieval times, the main impression Pärnu gives today is that of a quiet, early-20th-century beach town, where art nouveau and functionalist villas line leafy streets and parks. Pärnu is small enough to be easily explored on foot, so visitors will get plenty of opportunity to stroll around the green areas, along the beach promenade and through the pedestrianised town centre – a charming historic zone filled with boutiques and cafes.



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A.H. Tammsaare puiestee 4A
Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond, Estonia
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Travel from Tallinn (airport)
Pärnu is situated 130 km from the capital Tallinn, where is the airport.
Regular bus transport between Tallinn-Pärnu is frequent and it takes 2 hours to arrive.

Travel from Riga (airport)
Riga airport is situated 200 km from Pärnu (it takes 3 hrs by bus/car).