Målet med metodikprojektet är att sprida information och kunskap om  språkundervisning.   

Projektet fokuserar sig på undervisningsmetodik, -teorier och -praktik, gällande undervisining av främmande språk  (svenska) i högskolor i Baltikum och Norden

En speciell kategori som vi fokuserar på är utbildning och medborgarskap.


The goal of this project is to provide a Forum for our Nordic/Baltic cooperation partners for developing, researching, spreading information and doing research on learning and teaching of Swedish in higher-educational settings.

In addition to the International Project Meetings and International Project Seminars that will be carried out in each participant country, organised by each Project member, the current webb-page for a depository of links on relevant materials, and a collection of articles on methodology and learning/teaching will be published.

The cooperation includes Latvia, Estonia, Iceland and Sweden universities and high-schools and extends over a longer period of cooperation that covers already two different international projects together with ( partially) same partnerships.