Dear Nordic Lichen Society members!

The NLS meeting will be held on August 5–10 in South-West Estonia about 30 km from the City of Pärnu. We will visit Kihnu, a small island famous for its cultural heritage and nature, the Island of Muhu where alvar areas have been recently restored, the Nigula Nature Reserve, a bog island with an old broad-leafed forest that is well-preserved, and some other places.

We have now opened registration! Check our Registration form

The registration will close on June 15.

During the meeting there is an opportunity to participate in a workshop about “yellow and sterile lichens” held by Martin Kukwa from Gdansk University and supported by exchange programme between the Polish and Estonian Academies of Sciences. If you have any critical material from this group, please take it with you. If possible, perform a TLC analysis prior the meeting and take photographs of TLC plates with you, as there is no possibility for TLC analyses on site. Some hints how to do good TLC for xanthones will be given on this web-site. In the evenings, we will be able to perform microscopy in a special room at the meeting place equipped with stereo and light microscopes, chemicals, and relevant literature for working with specimens.

We have rented a bus to visit all the selected locations, except for the island of Kihnu ( where we will have three options to reach to points of interest: to walk, rent a bike, or rent a local truck. Please indicate which option you prefer by ticking the relevant checkbox in the registration form, so that we can book these services. The bike rental price (10 ; see also: will be paid on site, in Kihnu harbour.

The Gambling Tax Council (ängumaksu-nõukogu) has provided us financial support that covers all the transportation costs (except for the bike and truck rentals on the island of Kihnu).