Work instructions

Some tips for working with the study materials: 

  1. Start with learning or repeating the vocabulary by following the slide show. After the slide show take the vocabulary test. In case you have forgotten some words or you are not sure how they are written go back to the slide show or use the glossary

  2. Continue with the grammar parts. There are three grammar parts on this course and they are called café-grammar. After each grammar part you have an opportunity to test yourself with the exercises.

  3. The useful phrases include the most frequent expressions related to the topic. After studying this material you can test yourself again with the exercises.

  4. The Glossary includes the main vocabulary related to the topic of the study material.

  5. After studying the grammar parts and doing the exercises, take the tests. There are five tests on this course and they include the vocabulary and grammar you studied during this course. 

You can find different types of exercises and tests on this course. You might have to
- choose the correct answer
- translate 
- fill in the gaps
- complete the dialogue
- finish the sentences

I hope you find this page useful and enjoy working with the materials! I wish you good luck!