Useful phrases

Vabandust, kas see koht on vaba? - Excuse me, is this seat vacant?
Vabandust, kas need kohad on vabad? - Excuse me, are these seats vacant?
Palun mulle üks kohv. - For me one coffee, please.
Palun meile kaks kohvi. - For us two coffees, please. 
Palun mulle üks kohv koorega. - For me one coffee with cream, please. 
Palun mulle üks tee sidruniga. - For me one tea with lemon, please. 
Palun meile kaks kohvi ilma suhkruta. - For us two coffees without sugar, please.
Kas teil punast veini on? - Do you have red wine?
Ma olen taimetoitlane. - I am a vegetarian.
Head isu! - Bon appetite!
Ei, aitäh. See on kõik. - No, thank you. That is all.
Palun arve! - The bill, please!
Me maksame koos. - We pay together.
Me maksame eraldi. - We pay separately.
Aitäh!/ Tänan! - Thank you!

Mida teile? - What for you?
Kas veel midagi? - Anything else? 
Palun! - Please/ Here you´re/ You´re welcome!
Kas maksate koos või eraldi? - Are you paying together or separately?
Kas maksate sularahas või kaardiga? - Are you paying in cash or by card?