Decorative techniques for Kihnu "troi" (sweater)

In this workshop you will learn various simple and decorative techniques kierd, pakud, tagid. You will knit a wristlet.

Teacher: Kati Kuusemets (born in 1983) is a student of Estonian Native Textile at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. Her previous background is related to texts and theatre, but Kati has been interested in craft techniques and materials since childhood. She likes using various handicraft techniques, from knitting to weaving with looms, as well as mixing the old with the new. She believes that handicraft should be about freedom of expression, the joy of creation and pleasure in crafting.

In 2017 Kati Kuusemets was granted the Anu Raud scholarship as an outstanding student of cultural heritage and native crafts.

* Kati is Riina Tomberg's student, and therefore the study materials in this workshop are provided by Riina and licenced-suprevised to use by Kati. 

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