Short course of Haapsalu shawl

In this workshop you will learn the lace knitting methods of the authentic Haapsalu shawl. A nice little brooch will be created.

  • Short overview of the various Haapsalu shawls and triangular shawls

  • Introduction of the suitable materials and tools

  • Cast-on and cast-off

  • Special tips of the Haapsalu shawl knitting

  • Edging lace

  • Tips of Haapsalu nupps
  • Finishing steps

  • Making the brooch from the Haapsalu lace

Siiri Reimann is a handicraft teacher at the Haapsalu Primary School and a knitting teacher at the Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre. As a lifelong inhabitant of Haapsalu she has a strong link with a Haapsalu 200-year-old lace knitting culture, which has been the source for her own creative activity as well. 

Besides being teacher Siiri is a popular course-instructor of lace knitting in all over Estonia. She also is an founder and active member of the Haapsalu Lace Centre.

Siiri has been helping Saara Publishing House with all the latest books concerned Haapsalu lace knitting. Here is a list of her own books:

Siiri Reimann, Aime Edasi „Haapsalu sall” 2009

Siiri Reimann, Aime Edasi „Haapsalu rätt” 2011

Helga Rüütel, Siiri Reimann „ Helga Rüütli sallid“ 2013

Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann,  Kristi Jõeste  „Estonian knitting 1. Customs and techniques“ 2015

Aasa Jõelaid, Siiri Reimann  „Aasa sallid” 2016

Siiri Reimann „How to knit a Haapsalu shawl” 2016 

Siiri Reimann „Triangular knitted shawls by Siiri Reimann” 2017

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