Irita Žeiere (LAT)

Title of the lecture: Knitted Items in the Latvian Archaeological Materials

In Latvia, around fifty samples of knitted items have been uncovered during archaeological research. These samples date back to the turn of the thirteenth century and represent the archaeological material up to the end of the eighteenth century. Among the finds are fragments of male and female gloves and mittens, socks and hats. Some of the fragments are very small and have been uncovered at various burial sites, some represent accidental finds, and some are complete or semi-complete items that represent the cultural layers of Riga.

The knitted items can be grouped into two categories ‒ those made in nalbinding technique and those knitted with two needles. During this lecture the most significant finds of each category, as well as their connection with the ethnographic material will be discussed. 


Irita Žeiere has a Master’s degree in History. She is an archaeologist and a researcher of archaeological textiles. She currently holds the position of a researcher at the Archaeology Department of the National History Museum of Latvia.

Professional activities

Archaeological textile research, development and distribution of reconstructions, participation in excavations, preparation of exhibitions, publications and presentations for seminars and conferences, as well as lectures and tutorials on the history of clothing.

Latest publications:

Irita Žeiere. Arheoloģiskais tērps, tā darināšana, valkāšana un komplektēšana mūsdienu Latvijā. Riga, 2016.

Dress and accessories. On the road to becoming Latvian. Riga, LNVM, 2016, pp. 77-94.

Latviešu senais apģērbs. Latvieši un Latvija, 1.sēj., Latvieši. Riga, 2013, pp. 372-423.               

Fragments of Male Dress from a 9th Century Bog Hoard in Latvia. NESAT XI. Rahden/Westf., 2013, pp. 187-192.

Astru izmantošana apģērbā Latvijā. Latvijas Nacionālā Vēstures muzeja raksti Nr. 19. LNVM Zinātniskie lasījumi 2007.-2010., Riga, 2013, pp. 129-136.

Description under the photograph: Left hand glove and its reconstruction. Līvāni, 15th-16th century. Collection of the National History Museum of Latvia. Photo by Roberts Kaniņš

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