Inlay and knitted fringes

In this workshop you will learn to knit the inlay motives and the fringes from Audru and Tõstamaa parishes. Patterns are from the 19th century' mittens and gloves. A tiny pillow will be knitted.

Anu Randmaa is educated as a craft teacher in Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, she holds a master degree in pedagogial science. She works at Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union as a leader of the subunion of folk costumes, she is also a master of folk costumes and instructor of courses. She is living in Tõstamaa (near Pärnu) and has created Tõstamaa Craft Centre where she teaches folk handicraft and making folk costumes.  


There is no special books about inlay but in Estonian knitting 1 there is a chapter about it. You could see the inlay patterned knitwear here and also in the book "Folk costumes of Pärnumaa"

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