The project framework can be assessed here: What happens to IT education in Estonia?

The publications related to the project can be accessed through the following links:

Article: A review of interventions to recruit and retain ICT students150 KB
Article: Why do students choose to study information and communications technology?226 KB
Article: What influences students to study information and communication technology?235 KB
Article: Predictors of informatics' students progess and graduation in university studies169 KB
Article: When students benefit from analysing their inquiry (2014)153 KB
Article: How can videos help achieve educational objectives? (2014)202 KB
Article: Changing education - QA and the shift from teaching to learning218 KB
Article: The role of programming experience in ICT students' learning motivation and academic achievement742 KB
Article: First-year dropout in ICT studies288 KB
Article: Online Tools and Remote Labs for Making ICT More Attractive512 KB
Article: Why students fail to graduate ICT-related curricula at university level195 KB
Article: Model of Learning Computational Thinking358 KB
Article: Automatic analysis of students' solving process in programming exercises99 KB
Presentation: Investigating the formation of professional identity among pre-service teachers542 KB
Presentation: Student teachers beliefs about teachers role10.82 MB
Article: How do cognitive ability and study motivation predict the academic performance of IT students?273 KB
Article: What Happens to IT Education? The Case in Estonia with Some Recommendations for International Discussion289 KB