Theses theme proposals:

  • Mobile & Cloud Lab theses proposals
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab theses topics
  • Distributed and Pervasive Systems Group theses topics
  • Theses themes related to Autonomous driving
  • Theses themes by Dr Ulrich Norbisrath
  • Some of the themes related to parallel computing are listed here:
    • Parallel implementation of Domain Decomposition Methods; wave propagation problems (sup. Eero Vainikko)
    • GPU-accelerated Block-GMRES method (sup. Eero Vainikko, Mohammad Anagreh)
    • Multiprecision arithmetics systems and applications in preconditioning / power saving etc. (sup. Eero Vainikko)
    • Parallel programming languages and techniques (sup. Eero Vainikko)