Flour and flour products

JAHU ja JAHUTOOTED – Flour and flour products

leib –( black) bread, dark bread;  usually made of rye, wheat may be added
rukkileib – rye bread,( black bread)
sai – white bread, made of wheat
sepik –brown bread, wheat bread; may contain rye, wheat, barley;   made from coarse wheat flour or a mixture of wheat and barley flour
röstsai –white bread for toasting
kanepiseemneleib –

hemp bread

tatraleib –buckwheat bread


a mixed rye and wheat bread made from fine flour, sometimes caraway seeds are added
(odrajahukarask) – 
bread made of barley;   unleavened barley-bread
nisujahu –wheat flour
rukkijahu – rye flour
täistera –whole grain
täistera pasta –whole grain pasta
täistera jahu – whole grain flour
tangud – groats, crushed grains
kruubid –pearl(ed) grain(s), whole grains; any whole kernel of grain
manna –manna, semolina
hirss –


kaer  –oats
kaerahelbed –rolled oats, oatmeal
odrahelbed –barley flakes
tatrahelbed –

buckwheat flakes

neljaviljahelbed –flakes of four grains
kamajahu –a mix of different flours roasted meal-mix of ground grains – rye, wheat, barley and pea flour
kama  –roasted meal drink, kama drink. A traditional Estonian drink made with kefir or sour milk and roasted meal mixture, sweetened with sugar or honey.
rukkikama  –a mix of different flours roasted meal-mix of ground grains – rye, barley and pea flour
riivsai –breadcrumbs
pirukas –pie; meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. baked in a dish with pastry on the bottom and sides, sometimes on top as well or a small bread roll containing a sweet or savoury filling.
sool –salt
suhkur –sugar
tärklis –starch, potato flour
pärm –yeast
juuretis –starter culture. Used instead of yeast, especially in traditional Estonian rye bread.
gluteenivaba –gluten free


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