Explanations to signs and labels on packing

PAKENDITELE, SILTIDELE KANTUD MÄRKIDE SELGITUSI -  Explanations to signs and labels on packaging

allahinnatud, hind alandatud – sale; reduced price, in food products usually related to the best before date
parim enne –  best before ,i.e. the date when the product  will start to go stale. You can consume it after this date, but it won't taste so fresh.
kõlblik kuni –use by …. ,i.e. the last date it must be consumed
kampaania –promotional campaign, the mentioned products are sold at reduced prices
uus –new
uus toode –new product
väherasvane – light

 This label with the colours of the Estonian flag is awarded to items produced by companies in Estonia and taking into account the preferred taste and traditions of the people of Estonia.

 Recognised (approved) Estonian taste – the label with a swallow is awarded to  products which have been made of high quality raw materials (or the main ingredient) of 100% Estonian origin. Only companies registered in Estonia may apply for this label. 

 Recognised (approved) taste – the label of a cloverleaf is awarded to products of high quality. The raw material may originate from Estonia or elsewhere. All EU companies may apply for it.

 The best Estonian Food Product – the winner of an Annual Estonian Food competition. The product must be made by a company operating in Estonia and introduced to the market during that year.

 Grown in Estonia – produce with a high quality, meets the requirements of the highest standards of Europe

 Ecolabel – organic produce. Grown without artificial fertilisers, pesticides, components of GMOs, synthetic preservatives or food colours.

EU organic label –EU organic logo on a product indicates that this product can be legally classified as organic because it is in full conformity with the conditions and regulations for organic farming, i.e. the use of chemically synthesised inputs, GMOs and mineral nitrogen fertilisers are forbidden.

    A fair product - a meat product where mechanically separated meat has not been used.

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