Eating out

TOIDUKOHAD – Eating out

Kas selles toidus on..?  Does this food contain…?
muna – egg
nisujahu – wheat flour
piimatooteid – dairy products
liha – meat
pähklid  –nuts
Ma olen allergiline. I am allergic.
Ma olen taimetoitlane. I am a vegetarian.
 keedukartul –boiled potato
praekartul –fried potato  
ahjukartul –oven-baked potato 
Kas kaardiga saab maksta? Can I pay with a card? Do you take credit cards?
Ainult sularahas. Cash only.
Kas maksate koos või eraldi? Are you paying together or separately?
Me soovime eraldi maksta.  We’d like to pay separately.
Tahan eraldi maksta.I want a separate bill.
päevapraad –  the main course of the day
päevasupp –soup of the day
Kui kaua peab ootama? How long does it take? How long must we wait?
Tagasi pole vaja.Keep the change. There is no fixed amount/percentage of a tip, you may calculate to round sums and ask them to keep the change.
Kui palju see maksab?   How much is it?


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