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PIIMATOOTED – Dairy products
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piim –milkPiim

piimapakk –

milk package, milk may be packaged in plastic bags or cartons
pett –buttermilk, by - product of making butter. Different starters give different tastes to pett, hapupiim and keefirPett  is usually fermented with culture and its fat content is about 0.5%
rasv – fat-  Estonian dairy products vary in the percentage of fat content, e.g. whole milk 3.5% - 4.2% of fat; cream from 10% to 38% of fat
laktoosivaba  –lactose free
hapukoor  –sour cream, packaged in plastic bags ,   Fermented cream,  has a relatively viscous consistency and mild and slightly sour taste, usually added to salads
toidukoor –sweet cream with 20% of fat, meant for cooking, used in cream soups or sauces.
kohvikoor/rõõsk koor –coffee cream 10% (of fat, usually added to coffee, tea; packaged in cartons)/cream (usually) packaged in cartons
vahukoor – cream 35% of fat, can be whipped; packaged in cartons
kohupiim –curd(s), curd cheese (Br), farmer’s cheese (Am)
kohupiimakreem –curd cream, curd dessert. Dessert made from separated curd that is mixed with sugar and raisins or different pieces of fruit
kohupiimapasta –curd paste, separated curd. A product made from fermented skimmed milk
magus  –sweet
soolane –salty
kohuke – cheese bar, glazed curd bar; a dairy snack, sweet  curds inside, covered with chocolate
kodujuust – cottage cheese ;  creamed fresh curd, low in acidity
jogurt  –yog(h)urt
joogijogurt – yog(h)urt for drinking, thinner drinkable yogurt. Usually pieces of fruit or berries  or just added flavouring.
maitsestamata jogurt –non flavoured yog(h)urt ; plain yogurt
keefir –kefir, kephir ; a fermented milk product
haps –sour milk, fermented milk
hapupiim –sour milk, fermented milk   A cultured dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation.
või –butter
juust –cheese
sulatatud juust –cheese spread , processed cheese ,eg. Merevaik, Sõprus
suitsujuust –smoked cheese 
toorjuust –soft cream cheese, e.g  Farmi toorjuust
sõir, kohupiimajuust –Estonian caraway cheese; cheese is made from curd, eggs, milk and caraway seeds which is all heated up and pressed into a solid mass.



Well-known Estonian dairy companies: ALMA, TERE, Farmi . You can find glazed curd bars KARUMS made by a Latvian dairy company.  These are not names of products.

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