Medical Terms

KAEBUSED - Medical terms

valu –pain
lööve –rash
põletik – inflammation
paistetus   –swelling
allergia –allergy
mürgitus – poisoning
trauma –trauma
palavik – fever, temperature
apteek –pharmacy
perearst – family doctor, general practitioner (GP)
eriarstid – specialists. You cannot go directly to some specialists, your family doctor (GP) can send you to them with their referral. You can  ask directly, i.e. without a GP’s referral,  for an appointment with a gynaecologist, eye doctor, dermatologist and dentist.
arsti saatekiri – doctor’s referral
Vajan retsepti. I need a prescription.
Mul on vaja arstiga rääkida. I must speak to the doctor.
Vajan  kiiresti arstiabi.I need urgent medical help.

tasuline vastuvõtt  

paid visit; you have to pay to visit a doctor (about 25 €) and later charges for lab tests,  your general health insurance is not taken into account
tasuta vastuvõtt – you  pay a visit fee, usually 5 €
visiiditasu –visit fee


 Visit fees are generally paid before going to the doctor's consultation at the registration desk. It is possible to pay in cash or by card.
There are also private clinics in Estonia.

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