At the cashier`s desk

KASSAS - At the cashier`s desk

Audio icon Poes. Jah. In the shop.Yes.

Audio icon Poes. Ei. In the shop. No.

Kassas (at the cashier’s desk) 

Kassiir (cashier): Tere!   - Hello! 

Mina (I): Tere! – Hello!

K: Kliendikaarti?/ Kas teil on Partnerkaart? ( Säästukaart, RIMI-kaart, Aitäh-kaart?)  - Have you got a customer card? Säästukaart, Partner kaart, RIMI-card or Aitäh-card?

M:  Jah, palun! / Ei ole. - Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. / No I don´t have.

K: 8.45 (cashier says how much it is)  (I pay. I put my bank card into the card reader)

K: PIN-kood palun. –  Key in your PIN code, please.

K: Tšekki?/ Tšekki soovite? -Would you like a receipt ?

M:  Jah. /  Ei, aitäh! - Yes, please. No,thank you.                                                      

K: Kleepse kogute? / Kleepse soovite? - Do you collect stickers? / would you like the stickers?

M:  Jah, palun! /  Ei, aitäh!  - Yes, please. /No, thank you.

K: Head päeva! – Bye!

M: Head päeva! – Have a nice day./Bye-bye.

- Some chains of shops have a loyalty/customer card. When you use it, you may get lower prices or collect points that are later exchanged for money. You can apply for it in a shop or online. Sometimes there are campaigns when you get stickers for you purchase and later may buy something at a reduced price.


  • Maxima has AITÄH card
  • COOP has Säästukaart
  • Kaubamaja  and Selver have Partnerkaart
  • Comarket  has ABC customer card
  • Rimi has Sinu RIMI
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