Form and Genre in Humanist Greek. Program


Day 1 June 2

16.00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Lund)/17.00 EET (Athens, Tartu)

Opening (Janika Päll)

16.00–17.30 Hexameter poetry in Humanist Greek

Stefan Weise, The Greek Hexameter Paean by Theodosius Fabricius: Formal Experiments and Literary Manierism in Humanist Greek, Abstract

Janika Päll, Oratio metrica Graeca for religious festivals, Abstract

Martin Steinrück, Battieris Form, Abstract

17.30 Discussion 

A short virtual tour to the web exhibition of Tartu University Library's Plantine prints

Introduction of HUMGRAECA Database testversion 

Day 2, August 26

16.00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Lund)/17.00 EET (Athens, Tartu)


16.00–17.30 Humanist Greek Prose and Poetry 

Charalampos MinaoglouEarly Modern Greeks using Humanistic Greek: causes, aims, realities Abstract

Roberto PeressinThe life and works of Nicolaus Zoravius (1595-1665) within the tradition of Humanist Greek in Poland Abstract

Marcela SlavíkováΤοίη οὖν Πράγης ἐπεὶ ἐστ᾿ Ἀκαδημία ἡμῖν: Genres and Metres in Humanist Greek Graduation Poems Originating from the University of Prague and Beyond (1580-1622) Abstract

17.30 Discussion
Day 3, September 9 (N! Change of schedule!)

17.00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Lund, Wrocław)/18.00 EET (Athens, Tartu, Helsinki, St Petersburg)


17.00–18.30 Newly found Humanist Greek texts from manuscripts   

Grigory VorobyevSelf-translation and mutual correctionThree inedited Greek epigrams from Italy (around 1616) now kept in Saint Petersburg Abstract

Antoine HaakerA Wrocław manuscript and the genre of "cryptic" Writings in Humanist Greek Abstract

Elena Ermolaeva, Two Greek poems by Leichoudes brothers Abstract

18.30 Discussion

Day 4, September 16 (N! Change of Schedule!)

17.00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Lund, Wrocław)/18.00 EET (Athens, Tartu, Helsinki, St Petersburg)


17.00–18.00 Humanist Greek texts from Nordic Academies   

Tua Korhonen“Learning to write is learning to think”. Functions of short prose texts in Greek composed in the Royal Academy of Turku (Finland) Abstract

Johanna AkujärviContent and function: The genre(s) of congratulatory texts in university dissertations Abstract

18.00 Discussion (papers & planned volume)

Day 5, November (N! New, exact date and program will be added in September)

Erkki Sironen, ”Ein akrostichisch-pangrammatisches Gedicht für Olavus Ungius” 

the launch of HUMGRAECA database