Form and Genre in Humanist Greek. Program


Day 1 June 2

16.00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Lund)/17.00 EET (Athens, Tartu)

Opening (Janika Päll)

16.00–17.30 Hexameter poetry in Humanist Greek

Stefan Weise, The Greek Hexameter Paean by Theodosius Fabricius: Formal Experiments and Literary Manierism in Humanist Greek, Abstract

Janika Päll, Oratio metrica Graeca for religious festivals, Abstract

Martin Steinrück, Battieris Form, Abstract

17.30 Discussion 

A short virtual tour to the web exhibition of Tartu University Library's Plantine prints

Introduction of HUMGRAECA Database testversion 

Day 2, August 26

16.00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Lund)/17.00 EET (Athens, Tartu)


16.00–17.30 Humanist Greek Prose and Poetry 

Charalampos MinaoglouEarly Modern Greeks using Humanistic Greek: causes, aims, realities

Roberto PeressinThe life and works of Nicolaus Zoravius (1595-1665) within the tradition of Humanist Greek in Poland

Marcela SlavíkováΤοίη οὖν Πράγης ἐπεὶ ἐστ᾿ Ἀκαδημία ἡμῖν: Genres and Metres in Humanist Greek Graduation Poems Originating from the University of Prague and Beyond (1537-1622)

17.30 Discussion
Day 3, September 2

Day 4, September 9

Sessions on Humanist Greek prose, Humanist Greek poetics, paratexts in Humanist Greek and the launch of HUMGRAECA database,

the program for September sessions will follow